What Style of Massage Therapy is Right for You?

massage treatmentVarious kinds of massages are offered by expert therapists who are certified and skilled hence you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. They are referred to as natural form of treatment as they can treat various health problems such as joint paints, muscle cramps, back pains and neck pains. Other health benefits that can be derived from them include; increasing blood circulation, promoting skin health and relieving stress.

Here is a brief description of various common types of massages.

Swedish Massage

This is one of the most popular types of massage in the world. Some of the basic strokes that are used to relax the body include kneading stroke, tapping or percussion, long luxurious gliding strokes, heat producing stroke and vibration. It has been proven to be very effective in relieving muscle tension and dissolving scar tissue adhesions.

Trigger Point Massage

This one is specifically tailored for deactivating any painful spots in connective tissues and fibrous nodules. To achieve this, therapist applies static pressure on some of the trigger points to release the pressure. To effectively soften tight painful tissues, therapist will strategically stretch and manipulate the area. In most cases, this form of therapy is offered as part of sports massage.

Aromatherapy Massage

Unlike other forms of massage, this one entails use of special essential oils such as olive oil to replenish the skin. Apart from being applied on the skin, the therapist may decide to diffuse them into the air inside the room. Some of the issues that it can resolve include reducing pain, reducing inflammations, solving digestion problems, relieving tension, and easing cramping among others.

Hot Stone Therapy

As the name suggests, this form of therapy involves placement of warm basalt stones on skin. Therapist will first spread some warm oil on the skin before massaging you. It is considered one of the most sedative and relaxing form of therapy in the world.

Thai Massage

It involves use of rhythmic gentle compressions along all body’s energy flows to deliver deep muscle and joint stretches.

It is recommended to discuss your health condition with your chosen Kelowna Massage therapist to help him/her choose the best therapy. Devote enough time to this massage to get optimal results.  Visit http://www.kelowna-massages.ca for more information and to book your appointment today.